Sunday, January 25, 2009

Symposium (Part 2)

Allen Meyer introduced the Colonel (Ret.) Danny McKnight with tears in his eyes as he reflected back about his family being in work camps during the war and how he can relate. Allen said that is why Freedom is so important.

Colonel (Ret.) Danny McKnight commented on how Allen expressed passion and that is what you should have is passion for what you do. He was glad there was no podium, because a podium means a target and he rather not be one. He’s a believer in total fitness. Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Fitness. He was born in Georgia and grew up in Brevard, FL. Went into the military, even though his family is not military. He calls them regular parents. For twenty eight and half years he served our country in the U.S. Army and he is blessed and had the greatest opportunity to do so. The Colonel retired on Jan. 1, 2002 and got to do some special projects for the FBI, then returned to Brevard in July 2002. He then had to go out and get a JOB, because the army is a profession and not a JOB. He first got a job as the first in the Homeland Project.

He doesn’t believe in politics; he says he is politically incorrect and believes in being honest with people. He wanted his new job to make changes in the security and they did not want to change, so he left. This led him to getting a job at Brevard Community College, teaching homeland security. That was till 2005. In 2006 to present he has been going around the country speaking and writing a book. His DVD, "Leading on the Tough Days," is available for purchase. The book is still being written.

The Colonial said “You do not manage people. You need to lead people and you lead by example”. He lives by this word (LDRSHIP) and what each letter stands for.
Selfless service
Personal courage

This is the seven values they use in the Army and he said this should be a way of life.

Integrity - as a leader should be the non-negotiable way of life. It makes us who we are. Everyone sometimes in their life gets challenged to their integrity. And he said he never compromised his integrity and he is proud of that. The willingness of the leader, is to make the hardest decision. Whether people think this is right or wrong.

“Born To Be A Leader” – He believes everyone is, but they need to take the steps to do so.

Respect is very important. There are three kinds. 1. Respect to the leader, 2. Mutual respect to your peers and 3. Respect you and I as leaders.

The Colonel said DO IT, NOT JUST SAY IT. Responsibility and Accountability. Don’t blame anyone else, unless you start with yourself.
He ended with – Make good decisions.

Dr. Jeff Magee took the stage again with Tools To Use. How to speed read the mindset of the person or business. This is just a small aspect to his Performance Execution Seminar. He looks at everyone’s forehead as if it is a TV screen. How do we condition someone to create change. He says there are 3 steps.
1. Persistant on New Behavior
2. Consistant on the New Behavior
3. Patience – this is the most

One way to create change is to put maps in the right place as triggers. Examples to put a photo of something you want to have to do in a place you see it every day.
Also change the people you hang out with. Birds of a feather flock together.

Dr. Magee was planning on handing out; upon request Wallet Reference Cards - Seminar participants get this handy wallet quide for quick reference.
Unfortunately, that day his cards were left in his suitcase. He requested an e-mail if anyone wanted one sent to them. I’m still waiting on mine.

One of the references on this card is E Force vs. C Force. Entrepenure vs. Control and any decision made, ask yourself what needs to be made E or C.

Then it was time for Lunch.

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