Monday, January 26, 2009

Symposium (Part 3)

What is a great way to create great energy and get the blood flowing? DANCE. Alberto and Selena Hoyos brings to the symposium, Self Discovery through Dance. Albert was going to be a doctor and then ended up teaching dance lesions. People asked why he’s so successful. Passion to serenade others, loves music and dance. He met his wife and partner on the dance floor and together they teach relationship through dance. A form of body language. It’s the Power of Two. They have a one minute film called “One Last Tango.”

Great testimony to their work is when couples have soared in whatever they do. Then everyone in the room was asked to get up and move their bods. Hips moving to the Latin beat. Moving – moves the feel good hormones in your body. “If you do what you love for a living, you never worked a day in your life.” Everyone is looking for answers, but the answers are always in your Heart. When we hug it’s heart to heart. Body’s energy we give and take when we hug.
You want to give good energy and you can do that over the phone.
You dance with your clients, when you get into the rhythm with them. You can speak without speaking and it’s your actions that can speak louder than words.

Some key points to their philosophies of success for business and life are.
1. Dancing Inside Out. – Start with what’s inside you and express that through movement. Three professions that help you to live the longest is Dance, Ta Chi and Conductors of Orchestras. (Movement, Music and Breathing).

2. Dance As If No Ones Watching.
3. Dance the Dance That You’ve Been Shown Until You Can Dance Alone.

The only one you should compete against is yourself. Move in the direction of what your passion is and if you don’t then you deprive others to see what you have to offer. When you die, your dreams die with you. So find that passion and all of what you attract will come to be.
Alberto and Selena Hoyos inspire couples, that is their focus.

Photo: Alberto Hoyos and Frank Cavalli

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