Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nuggets of Motivational Wisdom

I went to a GET MOTIVATED seminar and here are just a few nuggets of wisdom, that inspired me out of the many speakers that took the stage.

83 year young Zig Ziglar, joked that he was too old to buy green bananas anymore. Here are a few of his words of wisdom: Embrace change as long as change meets your purpose. Everybody needs To Do, To Love, To Hope and To Believe In. Don’t go through life being a spectator. Have goals and dreams and do something at least one time. 3 Rules:
1.) Do Right
2.) Do the Best of your Ability
3.) Show people you genuinely care

Because everyone has 3 questions about you:
1.) Can I Trust You?
2.) Are you committed to Excellence?
3.) Do you Care about me?

Rudy Giuliani spoke about Leadership; how you should have a direction. What are your goals and you should be a problem solver.

Giuliani also said practice before you do. If you practice, whether you are making a speech or playing a game and if something should go wrong you will know the answer because you anticipated it and because you practiced it.

Teamwork: It’s not all about you. As a leader, you should find the people to help you out.
Communication: Teach people how to do it well. People will learn by giving them achievable goals.

Giuliani also said to Motivate though Love. Be there when things are bad, more than when things are going good.

Tamara Lowe says your past doesn’t determine your future. She believes everyone has their own motivational DNA and you need to crack that code. Once you crack the code, you’ll be able to motivate that person. Lowe, also said GET PAST YOUR PAST and Winners Take Action, Loser’s Don’t.

Dr. Robert Schuller emphasized that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. The word impossible should not even be part of your vocabulary. He said to take the word and cut it out, because whatever your dreams are, it is POSSIBLE to achieve them. He spoke about his daughter, who went back to playing softball after losing her leg. “Never look at what you have lost, look at what you have left, if home runs is what you want”.

Bonnie Sprung
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