Friday, January 1, 2010

Follow The Leader

Wasn’t that a kid’s game?

And then you grow up and guess what, you are still doing it…. Follow The Leader.
But, then maybe the leader is you. Or you may think so, because there is always someone in front. You may not always see or hear the leader, but you still follow and your team follows you. And why are they following? Because; you have the answers, you figured it out, you found the right company, product, service to promote, you are likable, you are well known or you are just one training step ahead of them and in turn they will follow.

As you lead you may take some twists and turns as you move ahead. You are in a company that you love and as your team grows, then another opportunity comes along and what do you do? Follow that opportunity and you tell your team and they follow. As you lead you hope others on your team also develop a leadership role and do the same. As they follow you they have their own followers. Team leaders develop from them and the process continues on.

And who is the leader? The one who takes action, the one who follows the system, the one who’s writing articles, blogs, sending out emails, driving traffic to their websites, the one who talks to people, creates training sessions, webinars, conference calls, the one who always thinks outside the box.

Does it matter what type of business you are in? Not really, because whether you own a brick and mortar business, a home based business or an internet business, there are leaders to follow. You just need to find what is right for you. Maybe you decide that following is not what you want to do, but instead to create something; that others will want to follow. You may feel you are not following anyone else, but you are following something. It may be a type of system, business design, tradition, creative style, an idol, a technique, etc. These are just a few examples. Whatever you think may be new to you, has been created in someway before. You just become the leader in bringing an idea to the world with your twist on it.

The game that was fun as a kid has now become business as an adult. Just remember to have FUN while you Follow The Leader.

And follow the one who can help you become a Leader.

Bonnie Sprung
USA Studio & Associates

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