Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Symposium (Part 4)

I got to meet a true enviromentalist and philanthropist, Ed Mercer (Mr. Costa Rica). This is a true rags to riches man. Originally from Canada, Ed was born to a mother at the age of fifteen and he began to work fifteen. Became a self-made millionaire by the age of twenty-seven. He has traveled the globe and settled in Costa Rica at the age of twenty-one. His goal was to make whatever or whoever better when he left it. He uses money as a measuring stick. “In order to have more you must become more”, said Ed.
He goes to Denny’s and buys two breakfasts, one for himself and one for someone else and finds out about that person. He came from having nothing and works with those who also have nothing. He only has a public school education and ended up on the streets at fifteen. He got into a MLM program and became number one in sixty days. His strategy was the 3ft rule. Talking to people everyday and had meetings every night, with training on Saturday’s.

Ed started seminars on personal growth and personal development, because he couldn’t tell people how to become a millionaire. Everything he owns he will leave to his employees. He considers everyone who works for him is FAMILY. This is what is important to him.

Ed’s overnight success, took him 30 years. He constantly listens to motivational tapes. Ed says “Knowledge is Your Next Currency” and he said that 2009 will be his best year ever.

Forget about the negativity. Stinkin Thinkin.

“To Have More Is To Become More”

Ed is buying 1000 foreclosure homes and will put those people back in their homes, for less than half.

In-between Ed’s inspiration, the entertainer emerged with funny one-liners. Comedy is something he could have pursued.

Dr. Jeff Magee concluded the symposium with LEADERSHIP! How do you get IT, Keep IT and Grow IT!
Six parts to SUCCESS.

1. Attitude
2. Player Capability Index
3. USF x2x4 ( Unique, Selling, Feature- What do you have to offer)

4. MAP – Mission Statement x 5
1. Organization
2. Department, Team work unit.
3. Co-Workers / Employees
a. Customer You Serve
b. You- (what is your mission statement)

5. Communication
6. Macro Management

C = (T2+A+P+E+C)E2=R

C = Capability
T2 = Training (Education/Future)
A = Attitude (how you talk and dress)
P = Performance (If you want to P better , buy the book)
E = Experience
C = Culture ( 1. Your Expectations, 2. Them – What Customers Expectation, 3. Personal Representation)
R = Result (JOB)


Stay focused on Micro Management.
All you need to get moving forward is a mentor.


Incentive Programs
1. What is meaningful to the person.
2. Lasting Impact
3. How ( Money, Employee Plaque, Intrinsic Motivator)

Any of these programs can be implemented with money, a plaque or …

Photo: Bonnie Sprung and Ed Mercer

Monday, January 26, 2009

Symposium (Part 3)

What is a great way to create great energy and get the blood flowing? DANCE. Alberto and Selena Hoyos brings to the symposium, Self Discovery through Dance. Albert was going to be a doctor and then ended up teaching dance lesions. People asked why he’s so successful. Passion to serenade others, loves music and dance. He met his wife and partner on the dance floor and together they teach relationship through dance. A form of body language. It’s the Power of Two. They have a one minute film called “One Last Tango.”

Great testimony to their work is when couples have soared in whatever they do. Then everyone in the room was asked to get up and move their bods. Hips moving to the Latin beat. Moving – moves the feel good hormones in your body. “If you do what you love for a living, you never worked a day in your life.” Everyone is looking for answers, but the answers are always in your Heart. When we hug it’s heart to heart. Body’s energy we give and take when we hug.
You want to give good energy and you can do that over the phone.
You dance with your clients, when you get into the rhythm with them. You can speak without speaking and it’s your actions that can speak louder than words.

Some key points to their philosophies of success for business and life are.
1. Dancing Inside Out. – Start with what’s inside you and express that through movement. Three professions that help you to live the longest is Dance, Ta Chi and Conductors of Orchestras. (Movement, Music and Breathing).

2. Dance As If No Ones Watching.
3. Dance the Dance That You’ve Been Shown Until You Can Dance Alone.

The only one you should compete against is yourself. Move in the direction of what your passion is and if you don’t then you deprive others to see what you have to offer. When you die, your dreams die with you. So find that passion and all of what you attract will come to be.
Alberto and Selena Hoyos inspire couples, that is their focus.

Photo: Alberto Hoyos and Frank Cavalli

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Symposium (Part 2)

Allen Meyer introduced the Colonel (Ret.) Danny McKnight with tears in his eyes as he reflected back about his family being in work camps during the war and how he can relate. Allen said that is why Freedom is so important.

Colonel (Ret.) Danny McKnight commented on how Allen expressed passion and that is what you should have is passion for what you do. He was glad there was no podium, because a podium means a target and he rather not be one. He’s a believer in total fitness. Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Fitness. He was born in Georgia and grew up in Brevard, FL. Went into the military, even though his family is not military. He calls them regular parents. For twenty eight and half years he served our country in the U.S. Army and he is blessed and had the greatest opportunity to do so. The Colonel retired on Jan. 1, 2002 and got to do some special projects for the FBI, then returned to Brevard in July 2002. He then had to go out and get a JOB, because the army is a profession and not a JOB. He first got a job as the first in the Homeland Project.

He doesn’t believe in politics; he says he is politically incorrect and believes in being honest with people. He wanted his new job to make changes in the security and they did not want to change, so he left. This led him to getting a job at Brevard Community College, teaching homeland security. That was till 2005. In 2006 to present he has been going around the country speaking and writing a book. His DVD, "Leading on the Tough Days," is available for purchase. The book is still being written.

The Colonial said “You do not manage people. You need to lead people and you lead by example”. He lives by this word (LDRSHIP) and what each letter stands for.
Selfless service
Personal courage

This is the seven values they use in the Army and he said this should be a way of life.

Integrity - as a leader should be the non-negotiable way of life. It makes us who we are. Everyone sometimes in their life gets challenged to their integrity. And he said he never compromised his integrity and he is proud of that. The willingness of the leader, is to make the hardest decision. Whether people think this is right or wrong.

“Born To Be A Leader” – He believes everyone is, but they need to take the steps to do so.

Respect is very important. There are three kinds. 1. Respect to the leader, 2. Mutual respect to your peers and 3. Respect you and I as leaders.

The Colonel said DO IT, NOT JUST SAY IT. Responsibility and Accountability. Don’t blame anyone else, unless you start with yourself.
He ended with – Make good decisions.

Dr. Jeff Magee took the stage again with Tools To Use. How to speed read the mindset of the person or business. This is just a small aspect to his Performance Execution Seminar. He looks at everyone’s forehead as if it is a TV screen. How do we condition someone to create change. He says there are 3 steps.
1. Persistant on New Behavior
2. Consistant on the New Behavior
3. Patience – this is the most

One way to create change is to put maps in the right place as triggers. Examples to put a photo of something you want to have to do in a place you see it every day.
Also change the people you hang out with. Birds of a feather flock together.

Dr. Magee was planning on handing out; upon request Wallet Reference Cards - Seminar participants get this handy wallet quide for quick reference.
Unfortunately, that day his cards were left in his suitcase. He requested an e-mail if anyone wanted one sent to them. I’m still waiting on mine.

One of the references on this card is E Force vs. C Force. Entrepenure vs. Control and any decision made, ask yourself what needs to be made E or C.

Then it was time for Lunch.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Symposium (Part 1)

I attended this fantastic symposium “Taking Control in Hard Times” hosted by Allan Meyer if
Orlando Performance Magazine, held at the Citrus Club on January 16, 2009.

The day started off with a breakfast, followed by
Dr. Jeff Magee; a best selling author and corporate trainer Jeff's Credentials include a PhD: Organizational Psychology, PDM: Professional in Direct Marketing, CSP: Certified Speaking Professional and CMC: Certified Management Consultant. Dr. Magee talked about tracking certain words in your website. When you use words like Better, you need to be able to back it up. When Different is used, what makes it different? The word Faster used quite a bit with the internet, meaning is it efficient and lastly the words Cost Effective. Make sure that they get a bigger bang for the buck. These words should be used throughout your website.

The symposium continued with Teri Yanovitch, a speaker, consultant, and trainer with expertise in the areas of creating a culture of exceptional service, leadership development, continuous process improvement, and employee engagement. She spoke on service philosophy. Does’ your office, appearance and what you say; convey efficiency and details. It’s all in how you look and feel and what you say to your customers or potential customers that make a difference in whether they consider do to business with you. To recession proof your business, you need to create loyal customers. How to do that is:
1. Look through the lens of the customer
2. Recognize that everything speaks in your physical environment
3. Created a WOW by exceeding customer expectations in your delivery
4. Make it easy to do business with you and your process.

Teri talks about how your company should have a Service Philosophy, that is short and simple. You should be efficient and not cluttered. More information by Teri can be found on her website and in her book Unleashing Excellence – The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service.

Then it was back to Jeff Magee, who spoke on your own self worth. “How Do You Think” It’s up to you as individuals on the choices you make. He states the real America is going to be ‘Nobility’. The standard of life needs to move up and forward to that pursuit of happiness.

Author; Frank Cavalli is the founder of Star Dome Publishing, LLC. His latest book is "Before the Beginning Began". Frank spoke about growing up in New York and how he was looking for a new life; not just a resolution. He developed a teen program “The Great Choices” Your 12 commandments of life. He lives his life, like he’s going into a business meeting and uses the KISS formula (Keep It Short & Simple).

He asks; “What is your definition of life?’ Life is nothing more than time and what we do with it. We are the master and commander. He quoted some of Bob Proctor.

I asked Frank if he would e-mail me his list of Quotes to Ponder.
Here they are:

Habits: 30 days can make one or break one.
If a man would put his purse in his head no one can take it from him.
Your income will be determined by the demand for what you; do your ability to do it and the degree of difficulty of replace you.
Work as though you would live forever but live this day as though it were your last.

Depression cannot be in the same room with gratitude, humor and hope.

If you want to feel empowered give If you want better answers you must ask the hard questions. Don't seek fame but be deserving of esteem and honor.
One can learn as much from his enemies as he can from a Buddha.
Paper has never refused ink.
If all men were friends there would be no reason for law.
We can't go back and make a brand-new beginning but we can start from now and make a brand-new end.

There is no greater burden than the awareness of our unfilled potential.

The difference between the least learned among us and the most learned among us is infinitesimally insignificant compared to what is unknown by both.
Don't waste your life trying to find yourself, make yourself.

The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

The loving is easy it's the living that's hard A book never forgets what it says and is always available to repeat itself.
There is a big difference between destructive discontent and constructive discontent.
Character is who you are when no one is watching.
If you're not big enough to lose you're not big enough to win If you can't create beauty, preserve it don't destroy it Equal to the creation of something is the appreciation of it.

This is the first of four posts to this symposium in review.
First photo - Allan Meyer and Dr. Jeff Magee
Second photo - Frank Cavalli and Bonnie Sprung

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is Great Day.

My tag line is; You Get A Gift. And our nation just got a great Gift. A new President. President Obama states, that we need to get together to build our nation back to prosperity. To make this great nation more profitable, we need to find ways to make that happen.

I do a lot of networking and maybe I know someone or something that could help your business grow. Please let me know how I can help. Like any other business person, one always likes to increase their sales. I wouldn’t lie and say no thank you to more; myself. But, one of my goals for 2009 is to help others. So, if it’s referrals, incentives or just my thoughts; I would like to help out.

As what everyone is saying and thinking, that this is a new beginning for everyone. You maybe reading this and saying to yourself – My company is growing and I don’t need anything. I would say, every person, company, small business, etc. can always use that burst of energy.

I recently went to this fabulous symposium “Taking Control in Hard Times” put on by Orlando Performance Magazine. Over the next few days, I will be posting more information on the many speakers that were there. During that day, one of the many things said was, if you are in an elevator, and asked what do you do? You should be able to say that in a few words.

Just this week, I have finally found the right words to consolidate three of my businesses into a perfect 30 seconds. Now, I know that many of the details are left out. But it does give people the opportunity to ask; can we get together to talk more.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Love To Network

Over the past four year’s, I’ve been going to network groups. There were two I attended often. Over time I checked out others and lately I have been attending four to five on a regular basis. One of my decisions this New Years was to add a few more groups to the mix. I say decision, because people break resolutions and rarely will break a decision.

Why go to networking meetings. Why not; they are a great way to meet new people and build relationships. When you build relationships and they may not need your services, but you may know others that do and in turn you too will get lots of referrals. When you give, your company will then grow too.

What types of Networking groups I attend. Mostly FREE. And there are some that have dues, but can attend a couple of times before joining. I feel the free groups are just as good, if not better. One of my favorite groups is Free International Networking. This group has a structure, the normal 30 second business intro, a gratitude section and a valuable brainstorming/consulting segment that will help grow your business.

If you have never been to a networking group you can find them on-line. One of the best places to look, is MeetUp.com. FNI is all over, so I'm sure you can find one that is in your home town. I live in the Orlando area, and another great source is Orlando Connections.

Now if you do live in the Central FL area or if you would like to visit, there is a fantastic symposium coming up on January 16th with Performance Magazine and National Publisher Jeffrey Magee. Registration is on line at www.orlandoperformancemagazine.com for Experience Symposium "Taking Control in Hard Times" listed under breaking news at the top of the page. Ed Mercer Billionaire, Teri Yanovitch and Colonel (Ret.) Danny McKnight are just a few that will be speaking.

If you are looking for business in whatever you do, I suggest you find some networking groups to attend.