Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This May Piss You Off

I’ll be the first to say; Why, Am I Getting Into This? The Headline caught my eye, or what the Website had to say had the right words to push the right buttons. Everyone says they’re making money.


But what you really need to know is that yes many of these things do work and yes they do make you money, but what they don’t say is, it takes time and money to get somewhere. Hopefully that somewhere is to the Top.

Some people aren’t satisfied with the one MLM business they got into at the beginning. Some people believe that they should have more than one. Most MLM companies really do not like it, when you do that and it’s in the contracts.

What about making money with Social Media? It all relies on upgrades. Hoping people will join then upgrade and you get a piece of the action.

No matter which way you decide to create wealth, it all takes Time, Money and mostly ENERGY.

What is the most important thing you want to put your energy into? Many would say, oh you can get one business started and it will just keep going on automatic and the checks will keep coming in. That does sound good. But, how much is it worth to build that business; then leave it alone. Only to hope it just keeps going.  Once again, whatever business you have, there still needs to be some supervision or it will fall apart. That’s when I hear, you have your downline or you pay someone to do all your marketing for you. Hmmm, that sounds like you need to put more money out and hope your downline keeps working too.

Now I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic. I have myself gotten into way too may ventures, online and off. What I found is that I was exhausted trying to juggle way too much and not getting the results I wanted. You may feel this way too. So I stepped back and took a real good look.  I got a business coach and made some adjustments.

Personally I do not believe in Quitting. So it was hard to let go of some of the things I was into. I already put more Time, Money and ENERGY into some of these things and just to walk away and shut some down was a real brain and heart burner. I hated the feeling. Because it felt like I was quitting. My coach assured me that it wasn’t quitting if something is not working at all. Why put good money out into the wind if it’s not giving something back to you.

Here is something that really pissed me off. Now originally I also endorsed this program. I still do in a way, but only if you work it right and you want to put all your Time, Money and ENERGY into it, to make it work. I found some people to use the program and once they get a huge following, sort of put the program to one side and they endorse the newest product they got into. You maybe saying, so that is the way to do it. Yes and No. I feel this is just a slicker way of saying bait and switch. Even though you don’t want them to leave the first program that got them there, it also brings in that extra residual. But you want them to hopefully follow you into whatever primary business you have.

At this moment you may think I’m nuts and just want to jump on a soapbox for you to hear my complaints. Or you may be agreeing with me right now.

If you are already in an MLM, that has a great compensation plan, that many can use, and that you believe in, like I have. Then why would you want to spend more Energy building a program that may or may not generate more leads. I’ve been on many webinars over the past year and even though they are pitching the program, they still talk about how to market the program. I may sound like a broken record, but marketing still includes both online and off. That is what my MLM trains you to do to. Market online and off and it all boils down to building those relationships and talking to people. Talking to people, can be the phone, Skype or chat/IM/email. They are all communication.

For those who are getting steamed right now and saying but with the program, you make money with all the affiliates that are part of the program. This is while you generate leads to market your primary business. That does sound great. But if your primary program only is for a certain market, this doesn’t help. Yes you do make the extra money on the affiliates, only if those people sign up. You hope.

This all boils down to where my Energy should go. To follow the training I learned over the years and I have added some online marketing too. Because whether, you market an online program to generate leads or market a MLM online; the result comes out the same. That Energy is put into:
1.    Talking to people on social and business networking sites.
2.    Sending out Emails
3.    Marketing on Web Trafficking Sites
4.    Utilizing Drop cards
5.    Meeting People in person
6.    Calling those Leads
7.    Creating Videos
8.    Article Writing / Blogging
9.    The 3 Foot Rule
10.  Advertising Online and Off

These are just a few popular ways to build a company.

Thanks for taking time to read my words.

Bonnie Sprung
USA Studio & Associates

What Are You Putting Your ENERGY Into? 
Helping People Puts A Smile On My Face & Money In The Bank

Monday, February 22, 2010

Do You Consider Yourself An Expert?

Do you consider yourself an Expert?
Who do you consider an Expert?

These two questions are asked by many of themselves and others. We often have so many questions about topics that have a zillion plus answers - especially when it comes to the internet. This all begins with the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and HOW questions.

WHO do you ask?
WHAT should I use?
WHERE should I start?
WHY would they follow?
HOW do I know if it is right?

This all depends on the EXPERT.

If you know more than the next person, that makes you an expert. The person who seeks out the answer with, books from the library, e-books, CD’s, DVD’s, blogs, interviews, articles, online videos, etc…makes himself or herself the expert.

At first I didn’t think I was the expert on something new to me, but immediately changed that thought, when others told me differently. They actually commented on what I said and what I wrote. Does this sound like you?

It’s easier to become an expert in Network Marketing, as long as you follow the system. Most companies have their own system to follow and most companies’ systems have the same basics, with a difference in whether it’s a product or service that they offer. With a product, most will say, “try this sample and let me know what you think.” Most services say to join, become a member and if you are not satisfied you can drop your membership at anytime. Some services may have a special promotion that will help entice new prospects. With sample products, the cost is out of the distributors pocket in hopes to make a sale. As long as that networker knows the basics of the company’s system, that alone makes them an expert.

As an expert, you need to position yourself to be the leader - in your profession or maybe just a leader in the knowledge of what others need to know. The way to position yourself is to create more visuals like public speaking, writing books, etc. An added branding of what makes you an expert include all the testimonials and recommendations you acquire.

If you think you are not a leader, you may be surprised. Brush off what you think may be holding you back and put yourself out there. Taking that first step will open many doors on why we need to know... you. Because You are the Expert!

You are the Art of Information. Position yourself to provide the right communications platform. Be the vessel that can create relationships. Be your own on-going success story. Then share that information. That alone shows that you are THE EXPERT!

Bonnie Sprung
USA Studio & Associates

Here Are Tools From An Expert

Friday, January 1, 2010

Follow The Leader

Wasn’t that a kid’s game?

And then you grow up and guess what, you are still doing it…. Follow The Leader.
But, then maybe the leader is you. Or you may think so, because there is always someone in front. You may not always see or hear the leader, but you still follow and your team follows you. And why are they following? Because; you have the answers, you figured it out, you found the right company, product, service to promote, you are likable, you are well known or you are just one training step ahead of them and in turn they will follow.

As you lead you may take some twists and turns as you move ahead. You are in a company that you love and as your team grows, then another opportunity comes along and what do you do? Follow that opportunity and you tell your team and they follow. As you lead you hope others on your team also develop a leadership role and do the same. As they follow you they have their own followers. Team leaders develop from them and the process continues on.

And who is the leader? The one who takes action, the one who follows the system, the one who’s writing articles, blogs, sending out emails, driving traffic to their websites, the one who talks to people, creates training sessions, webinars, conference calls, the one who always thinks outside the box.

Does it matter what type of business you are in? Not really, because whether you own a brick and mortar business, a home based business or an internet business, there are leaders to follow. You just need to find what is right for you. Maybe you decide that following is not what you want to do, but instead to create something; that others will want to follow. You may feel you are not following anyone else, but you are following something. It may be a type of system, business design, tradition, creative style, an idol, a technique, etc. These are just a few examples. Whatever you think may be new to you, has been created in someway before. You just become the leader in bringing an idea to the world with your twist on it.

The game that was fun as a kid has now become business as an adult. Just remember to have FUN while you Follow The Leader.

And follow the one who can help you become a Leader.

Bonnie Sprung
USA Studio & Associates

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