Thursday, December 3, 2009

Steps Taken To Good Fortune

Clean your desk – make room for new ideas.

Clean your room – make room for new technology.

Clean your home – make room for a New You!

When you organize and throw out what is not needed anymore, you lighten up what may be holding you down.

Take items you are not using anymore and recycle them. Give them to others in need. Maybe some things can be reused as something else, especially for those who are creative.

We are now in a world that is looking to be more GREEN; take advantage of that.

Think before you buy something. Is it something that you really need or is it just going to take up more space.

Even the bags you lug around can be lightened up.

How about all those thoughts? Did those thoughts give you sleepless nights or make your days stressful. Keep lists, ideas and goals written down and it will not way too heavy on your brain.

Simplify your life. In turn, this will bring you better health and good fortune.

Bonnie Sprung
USA Studio & Associates

A Great Way To Relax And Have Fun. http://SprungOnTheGo.Info

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