Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Symposium (Part 4)

I got to meet a true enviromentalist and philanthropist, Ed Mercer (Mr. Costa Rica). This is a true rags to riches man. Originally from Canada, Ed was born to a mother at the age of fifteen and he began to work fifteen. Became a self-made millionaire by the age of twenty-seven. He has traveled the globe and settled in Costa Rica at the age of twenty-one. His goal was to make whatever or whoever better when he left it. He uses money as a measuring stick. “In order to have more you must become more”, said Ed.
He goes to Denny’s and buys two breakfasts, one for himself and one for someone else and finds out about that person. He came from having nothing and works with those who also have nothing. He only has a public school education and ended up on the streets at fifteen. He got into a MLM program and became number one in sixty days. His strategy was the 3ft rule. Talking to people everyday and had meetings every night, with training on Saturday’s.

Ed started seminars on personal growth and personal development, because he couldn’t tell people how to become a millionaire. Everything he owns he will leave to his employees. He considers everyone who works for him is FAMILY. This is what is important to him.

Ed’s overnight success, took him 30 years. He constantly listens to motivational tapes. Ed says “Knowledge is Your Next Currency” and he said that 2009 will be his best year ever.

Forget about the negativity. Stinkin Thinkin.

“To Have More Is To Become More”

Ed is buying 1000 foreclosure homes and will put those people back in their homes, for less than half.

In-between Ed’s inspiration, the entertainer emerged with funny one-liners. Comedy is something he could have pursued.

Dr. Jeff Magee concluded the symposium with LEADERSHIP! How do you get IT, Keep IT and Grow IT!
Six parts to SUCCESS.

1. Attitude
2. Player Capability Index
3. USF x2x4 ( Unique, Selling, Feature- What do you have to offer)

4. MAP – Mission Statement x 5
1. Organization
2. Department, Team work unit.
3. Co-Workers / Employees
a. Customer You Serve
b. You- (what is your mission statement)

5. Communication
6. Macro Management

C = (T2+A+P+E+C)E2=R

C = Capability
T2 = Training (Education/Future)
A = Attitude (how you talk and dress)
P = Performance (If you want to P better , buy the book)
E = Experience
C = Culture ( 1. Your Expectations, 2. Them – What Customers Expectation, 3. Personal Representation)
R = Result (JOB)


Stay focused on Micro Management.
All you need to get moving forward is a mentor.


Incentive Programs
1. What is meaningful to the person.
2. Lasting Impact
3. How ( Money, Employee Plaque, Intrinsic Motivator)

Any of these programs can be implemented with money, a plaque or …

Photo: Bonnie Sprung and Ed Mercer

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