Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How To Move Past Those Negative Words And Into Action!

Everyone goes through the; I should have and of course that is the worst thing you could do, is ‘should on yourself’. It’s already in the past, so leave it there. The present is what’s most important. You want to make goals for the future, and having short term goals are the best. You’ll want to have one big goal that is off to the future, with many short ones to get you to there. With short goals, they are easy to follow, taking each step, by step, by step. Plus, make sure you are having fun with each step. It would be silly not too. You need to enjoy life. We all hit these small bumps along the way, so look at it as if you are on a kid’s rollercoaster; those bumps are small enough to work through.

I know as I write this, someone else out there has put down similar words. Even though you have heard these words before, it needs repeating…. DO NOT QUIT! No matter what MLM you are in…DO NOT QUIT! Maybe you just got into one, or have been in one for awhile and you are tired of your down-line quitting…. Once again… DO NOT QUIT!

You know the saying Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit. That is so true. I’ve heard so many stories of what happens when someone quits. If there was a down-line they moved up and now that new up-line is reaping the rewards and the one who quit is still looking for their get rich quick company.

No one in an MLM should ever think that the company they are in; is get rich quick. Some people built their company up faster than others, but it still took lots of work.. I recently was talking with someone who was looking for a way to build their company with a push of a button. Just put the info in on automate and watch it grow. Some people would say, yeah there is a way to do that…. Not really. You still need to build those relationships. And Yes it takes Work and Time!

So to repeat myself once again, please take action and… DO NOT QUIT

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