Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Top 3 Ways To Make A Change In What You Are Doing And How You Need To Do It.

If you find that what you are doing is not getting results. CHANGE, what you are doing. But your up-line said; you need to do these steps to get to the TOP. You may find that those steps worked for about a week. Then you are already frustrated, because your doing everything you were told to do and you are not getting the same results your up-line is getting. I’ll say it again, CHANGE, what you are doing.

There are so many ways to work your business. If you are getting results by doing the structured steps so many MLM’s have set for you to follow; great. But if you feel that, cold calling, knocking on doors, dropping sizzle cards, sending out postcards, etc. is failing, then move on to the computer.

You hear and see this everywhere; BRANDING. Now when I first read this, I always thought it needed to be a business. The business would have a logo designed and then put out in signage and print for everyone to see and eventually recognize,

But when you are in an MLM, you cannot use the logo your company has because, it’s theirs and you are only allowed to use the logo with permission and on certain things. So your business is not BRANDED. You Need To Brand You.

BRANDING YOURSELF is how you are going to get recognized. This is where the CHANGE comes. Start to put yourself out where everyone can see your face or if you are a bit shy, they should then recognize your name.

The 3 Top ways to get YOU out there are.

1. Social Networks
2. Business Networks
3. Video Networks.

Take advantage of all of them. They all will take some work, but I find it’s a lot more fun doing all of them

Bonnie Sprung
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