Thursday, October 1, 2009

Get Motivated And Take Action. What Steps Are You Taking Toward Your Goals?

As I sit here contemplating what I’m going to write. It dawns on me that I haven’t updated my goals for a little while. I have a long list that hangs by my computer. I walk past my vision board all the time, every so often stopping to look at it, to see what needs to be added or changed. I visualize for a bit, then move onto the tasks at hand that will get me closer to those goals.

When I do work on my goals, I try to work on a few at a time, making them short term. Basically I have a daily to-do list. That is always a great start. Write down what the day plans and needs are in the morning or have it written down the night before. Lately I’ve tried to section off each set of goals for the different businesses I do. Many entrepreneurs, have several streams of income. Each of mine, are very different, though they still go hand in hand. When I go to network marketing groups, I have to decide which hat I’ll be wearing. As I build relationships, many will know I have more than one thing to offer.

Is that a good thing or bad? I’ll tackle that question in my next article.

Getting back to goals and why they are important to have. If you know what you want; wouldn’t it make sense to know how to get there? What if you were to ask a bank for a business loan and the first thing the bank would ask is; can I see your prospectus? But you tell the bank, ‘well I’m just gonna wing it as I go along’. The bank will close the door on you. How many times have you seen investors on the TV show Shark Tank, laugh at the applicants who have not done any research or marketing.

Whether you have one business or several; have a set game plan. Write down those goals. As for mine; I’ve been putting what I’ve written into action. There are times I would lie in bed and almost talk myself out of working out. But I didn’t. It may have been a short workout that day, At least I did get in the gym to spark up those brain cells.

One of my newest goals is to write at least three articles per week and if I get even more inspired that number will grow. For years, I was told this is what I needed to do. I would like to thank Larry Beacham for giving me that kick start.

A few months ago I did make a goal to Blog at least two or three times a week. Are they articles? Two or three that would fall under that heading. Many of my Blogs would be a paragraph or two with photos. I’m happy to say, I even have a few followers.

Now my goal is to get bigger and wider, reaching more people in several markets. I could write articles on each of my goals. That may keep me focused, but bore you. What are your goals?

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