Friday, October 2, 2009

Is It Good Or Bad To Have More Than One Business?

I come across people who either own a brick and mortar business or work for someone. I hear, “How can you make one business work if you do too many.” You have no focus. Of course my answer to this would be; I hate being bored.

Why not have more than one stream of income. Look at what happened to so many people who had their own business or worked for someone else and the company went under…. Oops no net! Then there are the natural disasters, like Katrina. Many people lost their jobs and homes, but those who were in businesses that paid a residual income; survived. Their homes may be gone, but the money still came in.

I do think jumping from business to business is not good. Pick something and stay with it. If you add another, that is great. A good way to keep your focus is to split up your day or week for one company at a time. I have six streams of income and that may sound like too much. I feel each compliment one another. Three are non-residual and three are residual. I find when my non-residuals are down, I have my residuals to keep me going. They fall under Art, Health and Travel. As long as I stay focused on one business at a time, my life runs smoothly and I never feel like it’s too much.

If you look at the top business people in the world, none of them do just one thing. Many may primarily stay in the same industry, with an exception or two. Examples would be, an actor who also writes, directs, produces, endorses products and may own a restaurant. A chef who owns restaurants, is on TV, writes books, and has a line of kitchenware. A gym owner who also markets nutritional supplements, has a video line, etc. As you can see the list can go on and on…

Many successful Network Marketers will create videos, books, e-books and seminars.

As I mentioned in my last article, set goals and follow a to-do list. Having more than one stream of income is a very good thing.

Bonnie Sprung
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